Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow: Episode 7, the adventure is over, our criticism of the 4th part of the crossover!

Cinema 2 December, 2016

While the crossover event has just been completed on the CW, back on the main events that have marked this very special event!

supergirl-saison-2-the-flash-saison-3-arrowA Dream Team-Up! And yes meltynautes, we will not hide it from you, in the latter part of the crossover event, we can not help but be sad as this very special episode was gratifying. Between well-conducted intrigue, caustic humor, pure emotion and new interactions, hard not to have been met. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that the crossover which gathered Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl would be completed last night in episode 7 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow , back together on the events that marked the 4th and last part crossover event last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that Cisco, usually so funny and so witty, had the biggest heart. Despite all Barry’s apology and clear guilt felt by our hero, Cisco refuses to forgive him. If we thought that Felicity could perhaps help Cisco move on, nothing is so simple and the young man remained very – too – long on its positions. However, this storyline clearly served the emotional side of the crossover and Flashpoint yet completed for some time continued to haunt our favorite speedster. And it’s not worse because it is still a fateful decision that this is in the comics or the series . From this point of view, difficult to miss and even if we did not see coming, so the choice of Barry is the main reason why the Dominators arrived on Earth. They want the skin of one who unconsciously played with the Timeline. And how not to fall under the spell of this team so heterogeneous when they fall all agree that Barry should not sacrifice himself for his mistake?
Better, after a short tour in 1951 and have released a Dominator, Cisco suddenly understands how easy it is to cause an aberration on the Timeline. The opportunity for him to get back – finally! – In question and to understand that Barry intentions were not so bad. Here are our two best friends finally reconciled to the most fierce battle ahead. Because even if the Dominator has agreed to save the lives of those who delivered in 1951, aliens have no intention of abandoning their fatal project and if Barry does not go, that’s all they destroy the human race. After several discoveries, the team finally found an able rout device. We will not lie, the final victory was a little too easy but we are in the crossover event and therefore difficult to blame them too long as the smallest scenes have given us intense joy. This fourth part also put a little more forward interactions between Supergirl and Green Arrow. Completely opposite, Kara and Oliver must learn to tame. Indeed, true to itself, our Green Arrow has been struggling to put its trust and rather than rely on the powers of Supergirl, he decided to leave it on the bench. A decision that fortunately will eventually regret when the young woman save her life.
Their dialogues were funny and so smart that we come even to want to experience the epic crossover between Arrow and Supergirl! Meanwhile, Stein was trying to get to know his daughter while clearly wishing to escape in order to calmly put things right. After several minutes of flight forward, it becomes clear that it can only be proud of Lily and that the temporary aberration is perhaps the best thing that happened to him. Let it be said, this episode was meant to remember that Barry is not the only one to play with time and that it is primarily our choices that define our future . So yes, he has sinned but he has done everything to go back which is not the case for everyone. Another interesting point of the episode, all the Legends were involved with us balance as it was still part of the crossover centered on them. And what a joy to see Cisco and Sara talk as if it was normal or Heat Wave dredge Kara openly at the worst possible time of the episode! Better still, the idea of allowing Kara navigate between each world widely tease other upcoming crossovers and that, that enchants us already. One thing is certain, this new adventure will be able to provide us a very well balanced cocktail of action, humor, bouncing and emotion. There was something for everyone and the most diehard fans of the four DC Comics series have not been disappointed with a crossover than up. Pending final mid-seasons, discover the promotional video of episode 7 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow in which our heroes began their final battle against the Dominators on melty. What did you think of the last part of the crossover event?