Legion: 3 good reasons to watch the event series signed Marvel!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

The legion event series arrives on OCS in a few days and we take the opportunity to convince those who still need reasons to take a look at this little masterpiece!
We were waiting for Legion, the Marvel series connected to the universe X-Men, with impatience and well there it is, all francophone fans and others will be able to discover the series event as of April 25 at 20:40 on OCS . Those who like to chain episodes will also have the ability to binge-watch the 8 episodes of Season 1 on OCS from the same date. Yes, the OCS channels continue to deliver the best of the American series in French time and as much to tell you that we are already looking forward to seeing or revisiting the first episode of a series that already looks like a box. As we approach the arrival of the series on our small screens, we take the opportunity to give you 3 good reasons to immerse yourself or plunge into the ”
The first reason for this is because you will be able to discover the very first episode of the series – titled very soberly “Chapter 1” – exclusively in partnership with OCS on melty on our Facebook page of the Cercle des Sérievores At 5 pm tomorrow, Thursday 20 April! We will invite you to debrief with us live just after the episode because what we like even more than watching series is talking to you and having your hot returns. For those who will not be there tomorrow between 5 pm and 6:30 pm to see the very first episode of Legion, do not panic since the series will not only available on April 25 on OCS but we will also offer you a replay of the driver Friday 21 Then there is the second reason why it is necessary, It is simply for an uncommon content. By mixing poetry and superpowers, Legion invites us to enter a world unique in its kind that makes the return to reality hard, sometimes very hard.
David Haller (Dan Stevens) is a young mutant who has inherited powerful powers but was diagnosed with schizophrenia because of this. His adventure – and ours – begins in an asylum in which he meets Sydney (Rachel Keller) who will open the doors of a new world full of promises but also dangers. Finally the third reason to watch Legion is that it is one of those series that make us think, the series that remain with us even when the episode is over and the TV is off. David’s unique world raises questions about mental health, the understanding of reality, and the inner balance that we all try to achieve in order to be at peace with ourselves . Even with superpowers, David is a human and endearing hero who forces himself to put himself in the shoes of others – sometimes literally – to better understand the world around us. In short, Legion is an explosive cocktail of colors, music, emotions and action not to be missed. Rendezvous on April 25 on OCS and tomorrow at 5 pm on melty. For more info, it’s here ! So, tempted?