Legion: Episode 2, in the head of David, our critic

Cinema 16 February, 2017

After a first successful opus, Legion continues to plunge us into the universe of mutant David Haller with his episode 2. Discover our review of “Chapter 2”!
The key to his powers is in his head. Last week, the American channel FX broadcast the first episode of Legion, the series based on the X-Men franchise . With his somewhat barred universe that takes us on a lot of different tracks, this episode ended on a much more concrete stage, the incredible rescue of David who was retained by the mysterious Division 3. We find our hero within Summeland, a center for mutants led by Melanie Bird, which is reminiscent of Professor X’s academy. Besides, David’s speech to the fact that he is not sick, He has a gift, that’s Charles Xavier in the text. Sydney is always present with David, and one feels that ”
But in the hope of helping her control her powers, Melanie and the very interesting Ptonomy Wallace make her relive several moments of her past. And that’s where it slips! As in the first episode, you have to cling to your screen to get everything. David rediscovers a childhood he had forgotten, but everything is not rosy. He finds it hard to keep up with even his new allies at his side. Fascinating but confusing characters continue their ubiquity, the young Lenny and the devil with the yellow eyes at the head. We are plunged into David’s head, and we quickly get to the game even if we regret an intrigue that does not advance much. One feels that Legion, as a series apart, needs a lot of time to lay down its foundations and impose its style.
Still, it is especially at the end that things begin to move, when David, decidedly a real laboratory rat, discovers that his sister Amy is in danger and decides to go to his rescue. Besides, one begins to imagine the extent of his powers: if he is able to locate a person very clearly anywhere, it can become even more effective than the Cerebro of Charles Xavier. After two episodes, we understand that Legion is not there to make fan-service X-Men lovers , but that she draws in this universe very rich to propose something very different. Between absurdity, horror and reflection, Legion has great potential and the talent of its main actor Dan Stevens is no stranger.