Legion: Episodes 7 and 8, David discovers his demon in the last episodes next week on OCS!

Cinema 10 May, 2017

That’s it, Legion’s first season is coming to an end and there are only two episodes left to be discovered next Tuesday on OCS.
While you are surely delivering episodes 5 and 6 of the first season of Legion that have just been broadcast on OCS , we suggest you know a little about what to expect in episodes 7 and 8 that will be broadcast next week. Also note that these will be the last two episodes since the first season of Legion has only eight episodes under his belt. Episode 6 was full of revelations and allowed fans to have many answers about the complex universe of David and his past . While the small team is attacked by the Eye and has just discovered that Lenny was just another form of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, We also learn that Lenny knew David’s father and that she did not choose him by chance. In episodes 7 and 8, Oliver will still bring answers by identifying exactly the evil that has taken David and who has been eating him from the inside since he was little.
Thanks to him and to a special ability of Cary, they could get rid of David of the Devil with Yellow Eyes. Moreover this powerful enemy should do a lot of damage despite the efforts of Syd, Oliver, Cary, Melanie and others. The end of the season will again be full of clashes between Division 3 and the mutants on one side but also between the demon of David and his group on the other . In any case the end of this first season of Legion will bring us quite a lot of answers but also questions to lay the foundation of season 2. Indeed the series was renewed by FX in March and so you say We are already eager to discover it. Will the powerful enemy and anchored in Davis be defeated? Will the mutants manage to save him? We will have to take our pain patiently before we know it … In the meantime, find out what other series to watch this week thanks to our program of the week ! What do you expect from the last episodes of the series?