Lego Batman, the movie: Batman back in a crazy and energetic adventure, our critic

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Batman returns today on our screens thanks to the energetic Lego Batman, the film! But be careful, in a version more crazy, more funny and more colorful!
Finally ! Having stolen his girlfriend in the nose by Emmett in The Lego Movie (2014), Batman finally has the right to his own movie! Here our Gotham judge in the oversized ego finds himself alone in the center of attention. Finally, ” only “, so to speak. Directed by Chris McKay, Lego Batman, the film, part with Fifty Shades Darker and Split outputs of February , is, as expected, as a crazy energetic parody of all the films of super- hero – and above all the films Batman . Solitaire, misanthrope and grumpy, Batman (Philippe Valmont) spends his nights confronting the villains of the city, and in particular the Joker, who believes he has a special relationship with him. What are his surprise and chagrin when he realizes that Batman is in dabs a bit of rivalry ! Because, you see, the meltynautes the watchful hates and rejects any form of relationship, friendship or not, since he was traumatized by the murder of his parents. Except that in fact, we will not give too much choice! For when the Joker decides, to take revenge for this betrayal, to bring out all the worst villains of our pop culture of the Phantom Zone, Batman finds himself with a big problem on the arms. And three teammates he could have done : Dick Grayson aka Robin (rayane bensetti) boy geek and (hyper) enthusiastic to large wondering eyes; Barbara Gordon (Natoo), the efficient and very down-to-earth girl of Commissioner Gordon; and of course, good old Alfred (Stéphane Bern), proving that he too can put on a costume (somewhat outdated) of vigilant !
Let it be said, Lego Batman, the film is FAN-TAS-IT-THAT ! Just the first five minutes of the film, in which Batman disguises a crowd of villains where we find the Joker as prime contractor as well as the Penguin or Bane, all in an explosion of flashy colors and stuffed movements d Energy, are enough to convince us. Because, yes, Lego Batman is funny in its valves as in her situation comedy. Whether the dark vigilante of Gotham, who like a bit too much and worships his abs, Robin and his innocent enthusiasm and overflowing (proof with this trailer for Lego Batman, the film ) or the Joker with heart broken by the indifference of Batman, all the characters take a blow!
And this is obviously not including any references to pop culture that infiltrates everywhere, the reference to other films Batman existing (image of Batman: The Movie 1966 was puzzling) in the presence of the worst Villains of the cinema. Or when Sauron, Voldemort, the wicked Witch of the West and Daleck of Doctor Who team up with the Joker to sow chaos in Gotham. With its frenetic pace and crazy, vibrant colors, its valves slamming and energy, Lego Batman, the film broke the eye and ear, suffers no time and, above all, makes us die laughing . Even seeing Batman warming a lobster in the microwave proves to be deeply fun, so that’s to say!
And behind his quirky humor, Lego Batman also gently mocks the superhero film and its stereotypes. The strange relationship of interdependence between Batman and the Joker, the fact that Gotham, in spite of the actions of his justiciary, is always as much undermined by crime, and even the somber and gloomy character of the vigilante are merrily ridiculed – just as the Character of Superman (Antoine Griezmann), who appears as a super-star a little vain. The film is also obviously action-packed and winks to the universe of DC Comics and also sometimes a bit up in the emotion . Because we are not going to hide that seeing Batman snicker alone before Jerry Maguire (1996) has something a little pathetic. So yes, the emblematic character of DC Comics is widely scratched in the film, yes, it is a little fool enough … but one can not do otherwise than to attach to him. Especially as this lonely guy who has vowed never to bind to anyone is gradually learning from his mistakes and trusting his entourage. It takes time, yes, but Batman accepts ultimately to again part of a family … and smile. Like what, everything is possible! Lego Batman, the film shows us these characters that we know by heart in a different light, more crazy and delusional than what we are accustomed. What do we wait until the arrival of the film Batman, which will (unfortunately) not directed by Ben Affleck . Will you see the film?