Lego Batman, the movie: Robin (Rayane Bensetti) makes his fanboy in the new trailer!

Cinema 25 January, 2017

Lego Batman will land in a little more than two weeks at the cinema. Meanwhile, here is the new trailer with Robin (Rayane Bensetti) of this film completely crazy!
Who could have believed that Batman could play the jealous divas? And yet! Three years after the release of the movie The Lego Movie , in which he was upstaged by the sympathetic Emmet, the Gotham vigilante finally back in his own adventure. And this time, it’s HIM, the hero and nobody else ! Except that in fact … he will have to face his worst enemy – let’s say rather his second worst enemy – namely the Joker (yes, because his worst enemy, in fact, is Superman, go figure!). And as the Joker is despite what Batman (Philippe Valmont) may well believe, a worthy opponent, he’ll have to learn our vigilant teamwork . When we know the size of the ego of our hero ( pun intended !), We say that there will be work! Especially that the one who is going to accompany him on the battlefield is none other than Dick Grayson (Rayane Bensetti), a young orphan whom he adopted a little by mistake and who, obviously, shows a lot of enthusiasm … But that does not seem frankly competent. The film Lego Batman must land in our cinemas on February 8 next and, to make you wait, the editorial ‘of melty reveals its new trailer. And you’ll see, this Batman This is far from the image that the comics gives us!
It must be said that with Dick Grayson – aka the future Robin (but without pants!) – in the paws, he has enough to do! Because it must be said what is, the young man is a true fanboy who clearly does not believe in his chance. Think of it, here he discovers the Batcave, the Batzeppelin and all the crazy equipment of the justice of Gotham. An enthusiasm besides that our grumpy Batman does not share at all. Still, he has no choice if he wants to end the plans of the Joker, who appears moreover we finally nice enough, he will have to accept to take Robin and even Barbara Gordon (Natoo) at its nightlife . The film Lego Batman , which this time directed by Chris McKay and is still produced by Warner Bros, will be just as colorful, crazy and inventive as The Lego Movie . What therefore a change our perception of Batman before he landed in Justice League in his new suit , in flesh and blood in this time! And attention, it could even be that this Bruce Wayne in small bricks learn to smile … Will you see the movie?