Leila Ben Khalifa: The return of “Secret Story” claimed, she gets mad!

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

If you go looking for trouble you’ll find it !
leila-ben-khalifa-entouree-de-christopheTuesday, November 22, Leila Ben Khalifa has not had a good time on Twitter. Some twittos who obviously did not appreciate his outspokenness in Secret Story 10 decided to take part in Christophe Beaugrand for the charming columnist is not renewed in case of 11th season of the program on NT1!
” Sorry to say but Leila’s unprofessional. When we co-host of a program, it does not take sides, it just gives his opinion. I hope it will not be part of the team if the issue continues. His place has no place in the show “,” Leila had no right to speak and Bastien! “, one could read in particular the tweets sent to Christophe Beaugrand Tuesday. Of course, the host did not wait long to respond. ” 1 – It is the opinion of some 2 – Leila is a columnist, he is asked to give its opinion and it does it very well Leila is blood, is a Mediterranean, it has warm blood and it is. why I love her , “said he dropped face the critics of the beautiful.
If Leila probably was very touched by the words of Christophe Beaugrand, it’s not as long as it kept his calm face to his ” haters “. ” Honey, do not waste your time to answer these four cats that have nothing to fry in their lives besides get drunk. We were ahead of them and they are stagnant at the same point. They could vote for their idols instead of come to lecture me. they thought they were going to intimidate me with their tweets Damn! well, no, their words is bullshit! “, she has launched publicly.