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Entertainment 25 August, 2017

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On the wrists, ankles, around the neck, fingers, rings, bracelets, necklaces have stormed the male race. A need to express a part of femininity ? That certainely. Just be yourself.

The fashion shows of men’s fall-winter 2017– 2018 have announced the color : this winter, the jewel in the masculine shall be king. “Praised to the skies by the maharajas, chiefs, indians, african tribes, he was blacklisted under Napoleon, who forbade his grognards “, reminds us of Serge Muller, the creator of Mad Lords, a boutique setting, located in rue Saint-Honoré, Paris. At the beginning of the Seventeenth century, the dandies were handed to the taste of the day, but with a real desire to (re -) please, get out of the frame. Closer to us, there were the bikers, the rockers – Keith Richards, Johnny Hallyday…), rappers Kanye West and his medallion of Horus, estimated at 255 700 euros or even Rick Ross and his collar self-portrait with a value of 1 279 000 euros…

Today, more negotiation, the jewels are in place. And not only in visionaries such as Karl Lagerfeld, inseparable from its rings Chrome Hearts, Suzanne Belperron and its chains Aaron Jah Stone. Emmanuel Macron wears two rings, and it is not uncommon today to guess the links colored in excess of the headlines of the p-dg.The past two seasons, it is a very strong trend, there was a click, confirm the tendanceur Jérôme Bloch. In addition to a manhood strong, the jewellery is the parent of high-tech, sportiness. “The proof with the line Moove Titanium, designed by the designer Valérie Messika :” five grams of magnetic power for a focused air. “Another reason for this renewed interest, in the same way as a bag of couturier for us, they allow these gentlemen access to luxury at a lower cost.

A sign of the changing times, the trinkets are the parent of the new codes. The bracelet is alliance. “In tissue, it is the alliance that the Pacs is at the wedding : simple-to-undo “, decrypts the specialist. Under the influence of the women, the legacy, the heritage, taking over the time period bling. In the words of Serge Muller, these jewels have not finished to unveil their treasures. The sign of belonging to a tribe, they are now the color of the ” be yourself “. This ex-financier, became a hunter of treasures around the world for its paris shop, wears his ring on the thumb and the ankle strap over his boot motorcycle. A world to reinvent. F V

A link very, very strong. Made by small chubby hands, for a birthday or father’s day, the jewel in the masculine takes on another dimension. Endearing, the bracelet, wooden beads engraved ” dad “, sported by the actor Laurent Ournac on his account Instagram. Even prince William has fallen for the Rainbow Lome, these links of plastic to shape itself.

It is the sun that illuminates my life for almost 5 years … #papaheureux #jetaimemafille

A publication shared by Laurent Ournac (@laurentournac) on June 18, 2017 at 4: 29 am PDT

A mode of communication. This is not a necklace, a ring, but an accumulation of pieces gleaned over time, meetings, in short, a bit of its history that it carries with itself. Such as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Johnny Depp or David Beckham. Surprisingly, this race tells us something else of the personality, makes it more accessible

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