Leonardo DiCaprio – His half-brother balance: “He did not grow”

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Adam Farrar and Leo DiCaprio were once very close. But this is more the case today …
Always in the shadow of his half-brother, a true Hollywood star, Adam Farrar had never spoken publicly about Leonardo DiCaprio . In an interview with the Daily Mail , the 45 year old man, who always wanted to become an actor, tells and painted the portrait of his half-brother as he sees it. And balance!

leonardo-dicaprio-et-son-frere-adam-farrThere was a time when Adam and Leo were close. We met them together at basketball games of the Lakers, especially. But that was before. Today Farrar DiCaprio and no longer speak. ” We were close, he says. I loved and I still love it. But we did not talk for more than two years. The last time I saw Leo, c ‘ was at his birthday party . ” He explained that he had been invited to this party ” by another friend ” and not by his own brother – Adam and him the same father, George DiCaprio. ” Leo was happy to see me and took me in his arms. But when I try to call my messages unanswered. It has a team around him and it is now impossible to cross this wall lackeys , “he laments.
Technician for television (he is a painter and decorator), Adam is saddened that his brother no longer wishes to see or talk to him, without reason. As if the star of The Revenant lived on another planet. ” Leo wants to save the world, but it seems more concerned with environmental issues and climate change by his own brother. It hurts” , says he. Admittedly, the actor and producer seems very busy. Among his few films, chosen, and its environmental commitment (he signed a documentary, Before The Flood , and it is also a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations), the former hero of Titanic forgot he had a brother.
I see his life now that he always makes the party and so with models, and it saddens me. He did not grow up
Unvarnished, Adam Farrar (45) does not evade his former addiction problems, who chained the cures and made several passes behind bars (especially in 2014, when it was missing). ” It is a universe that rises to the head and I kissed him , said Farrar of fame and success. I am an adult and I am responsible for my actions. I do not blame Leo for it. ”
However, Adam is no lack of balance on his brother with whom he was ” united by blood ” . Calling it ” playboy “, Farrar shows incisive. ” I see his life now that he always makes the party and so with models, and it saddens me. It has not grown up , he let go. I am the same woman for 17 years and I have a child, but Leo is still a playboy. ”
According to him, Leonardo DiCaprio has not found how to fight against an evil that gnaws since the beginning of his career. ” When he began to be known, he told me how he felt alone. How he did not know who to trust. I think this is what explains why it is like that today. He seeks some something that would complement his life. I hope for his sake he will find , “said Farrar.