Lesson of philo with Celine Dion

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

He who has not seen Celine Dion facing broadcast by France 3 catches up replay! This diving into the career and the intimacy of the star (the two are always mixed with it) revealed to us a facet that was not suspected of the one that was thought to know yet at the end of our solfeggio. The singer has just lost her beloved husband, René Angélil.

To hell Epicurus and his Letter to Menoeceus , André Comte-Sponville and more beautiful story of happiness , or Frédéric Lenoir and Happiness, a philosophical journey  ! Me, the trip I did a Monday night in front of my TV, with Celine -yes, since Monday, I call Celine – ultimately blown away by this invitation to decipher “the art of being happy!” And do not look for an evil second degree in these words, there is none.

Me too, as Jean-Jacques Goldman tells us in the documentary, I laughed a long time with the people “branchouilles” by seeing her disembark with her hairstyle and look unlikely. Her debut in France goes back to the 80s. She was one of the artists of EMI. Okay, she already had the incredible voice, the technique, blablabla, but it was cheesy. She too. She says it. Talk about its complexes. Besides, she talks about everything, Céline Dion, and that’s one of the first lessons to remember.

Rule # 1: Do not seek to be anything but yourself. First key to access to happiness – or not far. ” Did I could do without the success of the stage? Yes, she says. Would I miss it? Yes. Success must not change people, it has to make us evolve, but if it takes over, it is that we are not made to do this job. At this point, we should have already lost a lot of people!

Rule 2: The famous “hic et nunc” (here and now). She says it, certainly with the accent, but in any case she does. “Life imposes things that we can not control, but we can always decide how we will live them. There are 365 days in the year and 2 of them have no hold: yesterday, because it is over, and tomorrow, because it escapes us. So I live one day at a time, fully. And today is a great day. ”

Rule 3: Place love at the center of everything. That, love, she sings, she almost sing only that, Celine. She saw him too. With three children, of course, but in the beginning with Rene. And when she speaks of his love for him, it remains for us to remain silent and to listen to him: “It is a Renoir. It’s a canvas. It’s painted for life. It’s valuable. What happened, what happens, what happens, I will never change anything. I frame it now. For life. “