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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Laeticia Hallyday would like it to stop to blame him for the way in which it manages the after Johnny. The mother of Jade and Joy would be that the controversies on its houses and on the tomb of the rocker stop finally – and know in his own way.

Laeticia Hallyday has had enough of the controversy to repeat. Since the death of Johnny, it seems that it can never satisfy all the fans of the rocker. The tomb in Saint-Barth ? Aficionados of the Taulier would have preferred it to be in metropolitan France, leaves to go against the wishes of their idol. Everything happens for blaming the mother of Jade and Joy, of the sale of the house Marnes-la-Coquette to the rental of the building of Saint-Barth. For Laeticia, it is too much.

Of course, the widow of Johnny Hallyday is not going to be upset with the fans of her late husband. But it leaves sometimes pass signs of ras-the-bowl. As this tweet from a user that she has “liked”, and which recalls some facts too often ignored by its critics : the villa Marnes-la-Coquette was in sales for several years, the house of Saint-Barth has in the past been regularly rented out, and Johnny wanted to be buried in St. Barts for a long time. In sum, all that one complains Laeticia Hallyday, the decisions supposedly taken after the death of Johnny, it would only be the logical consequence of the choice of the rocker during his lifetime. The controversy, therefore, have no place to be.

Focus :
-Villa de Marne sale ?
Yes for years !

-Villa St Barth leased ?
Yes for years off the month of August !

-Burial at St Barts ?
Wish Johnny for over 10 years !

Drop a little @LHallyday and the family Hallyday !

Reply to @JohnnySjh ⬇ pic.twitter.com/BKQWW9wlIX

— John ✌😢 (@john270109) January 22, 2018

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