Lethal Weapon : Damon Wayans sticks his ex-partner, Clayne Crawford, “terrorist emotional” “insane”

Cinema 15 May, 2018






Certainly the series could turn in a real case of police with all these revelations. And this time it was Damon Wayans who balance everything.

Since the beginning of the case, we had not heard much about or comment on. Damon Wayans, performer of Roger Murtaugh, however, was the partner of shooting Clayne Crawford, alias Martin Riggs, with whom he formed the duo that everyone enjoyed so much in the series, lethal Weapon, adapted from the cult movies.


Not affect Me too much where I shows you on Twitter Clayne


Unless you know the song now. Clayne Crawford was fired a few days ago because of his behavior outrageous, violent and disrespectful to the actors and technicians of the plateau. While the future of the series was outstanding, the Fox announced that it had finally found a replacement for a third season formalized.

Now that the future of the series is (more or less) assured, Damon Wayans stops likely to make the vane. Because when he felt that the future of the show was called into question, it appears on the networks by claiming to be #TeamClayne, thus taking the defense of his partner threatened to be fired by the producers.

Now that his place is confirmed for a third season, Clayne Crawford became untenable, then the best excuse for not getting caught is to pretend to a sudden hacking of his account… Coincidence ?


“It has been reported that my account had been hacked. I am not aware of the words [these tweets], but it was not me.”


The team left the series


However, this morning, Damon Wayans came out of his silence and torpedo his former work colleague through a series of eight tweets. Between video-committal, an accusation of negligence on the shelf, “terrorism, emotional, or physical violence, we can say that the interpreter of Roger Murtaugh does not go dead hand.


“Now that the fate of the series is confirmed… I’d like to share this video and the images that follow.”


“He hit a player in the mouth with the help of a bottle of green tea, and opened the lip.”


“How a piece of shrapnel was able to touch me as opposed to my head ? “


“Since Warner Bros. don’t take my defense… Here is another photo of this that have been posting to other people around the set. Not me ! It had become INGERABLE ! He took pleasure to bring tears to the eyes of women. And to create a climate of terror within the team.”


The terrorist emotional


Meanwhile, the actor has had to do up the straps by his superiors, to regret his words or be surbmergé messages, because if the desire took you to go snooping around in his account, it is no longer accessible. It’s going to scold severe in the Fox.