Lethal Weapon : the disaster continues for the series, which loses Damon Wayans

Cinema 4 October, 2018






Scarcely out of trouble with Clayne Crawford, the series, the lethal Weapon loses its other main actor, Damon Wayans.

Season 3, with Seann William Scott to replace Clayne Crawford, has just begun, and the problems begin already for the series lethal Weapon. After the airing of only two episodes, Damon Wayans has announced that he was leaving the series at the end of the season.

In an interview with Eurweb.com the actor who plays Roger Murtaugh said that he was leaving the series as soon as it has finished the filming of this third season.


“It’s not you, Seann, it’s me”


Damon Wayans was so surprised all the world, and precipitates again on the series from cult movies lethal Weapon, into the unknown.

“I really don’t know what they are planning, but this is what I plan.”

What remember the dirty atmosphere on the sets, since that Clayne Crawford has been dismissed in may 2018 because of his problematic behavior. Damon Wayans had not hesitated to atomize his colleague, calling him a “terrorist emotional” and person “insane”. He had even shared pictures and cute anecdotes about behind-the-scenes, to push the performer to Riggs.

A few months after, Clayne Crawford had to turn out the weapons, to tell the pressure of producers, the conditions are not very pleasant on the plateau and even the blackmail exercised on him.

Meanwhile, Seann William Scott had been cast to take over, leaving many fans bewildered.


“It’s not me Clayne, it’s you”


Damon Wayans quotes very clearly his physical fatigue as the main reason for his departure :

“I am a diabetic 58-year-old and I work 16 hours a day.”

There is no doubt that his relations with the production are not good. The actor had once come to the defence of Clayne Crawford on the networks, before violently down and report that it had expected that the producers will react.

The future of lethal Weapon, which was not too bad started in the United States for its third season, are again in abeyance. Seann William Scott will t-it so quickly, the new boss of the series ? Will there be a new duo for season 4, or the too long series of problems will cause the end of the adventure ? Case to follow.