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Entertainment 17 October, 2017


Last October 11, Felipe and Letizia of Spain have said goodbye to their man of confidence, José María Corona Barriuso, the chief of security of the royal House. The man died from cancer at 64 years of age.

Felipe and Letizia of Spain are in mourning ! The royal couple Spanish comes to say goodbye to a man who for two years has been their guardian angel. José María Corona Barriuso, chief of security of the royal House, is in effect to die-to 64-year-old died of cancer. A Colonel in the civil Guard, he had under his orders the eleven senior officers in charge of the security of the ” Casa del Rey “. A prestigious service that he had joined the July 1, 2015, the date on which he had replaced Francisco López Requena, chief of the civil guard under the reign of Juan Carlos I.


One of the few times where the Spanish have been able to see the late chief of security of the royal couple, there were, among others, the symbolic date of June 19, 2014, the day on which the prince Felipe has left the chamber of deputies and became king Felipe VI. Two men had then accompanied in the Rolls-Royce Phanton IV who walked the streets of Madrid. Jose Ignacio Gomez Valbuena, driver official of the king of Spain, and José María Corona Barriuso, the protector of Felipe since the time when he was still “simple ” prince of Asturias. The first is death in 2016, the second is not, therefore, disappear in its turn.


The latter affectionately known as ” Pepe “, had received the honours of the Spanish monarchy, on the 12th of may last ; the king Felipe VI who awarded the insignia of Grand cross of the order of civil merit in recognition of his service. José María Corona Barriuso was married and the father of two children (Clara and Joseph). A family present last Wednesday at the tanatorium of La Paz, in Alcobendas in the north suburb of Madrid, where the funeral of José María Corona Barriuso have been celebrated in the presence of the royal couple in Spanish.

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