LG G6: A lower selling price than the LG G5?

Techno 16 January, 2017

The LG G6 continues to talk about it! It should be cheaper to manufacture than the LG G5, and therefore less costly to its output.
If LG prepares to present the 4 smartphones of the series K and the new Stylus 3 to the CES 2017, it is especially his next flagship that is expected at the turn … The LG G6. Just a few hours, a protective shell made its appearance on the Web, and suggested that the LG G6 strongly resemble its predecessor . But even if the Taiwanese manufacturer decided to retain part of the design of the LG G5, it would not reproduce the mistakes made in the past … First, it would abandon the concept of modular smartphone that did not meet success discount. Production costs would therefore be revised downwards, which could lead to lower sales price on arrival, as mentioned Phonandroid .

The LG G6 would cost less to produce than its predecessor

“The LG Mobile Communications division will do a 180 degree turn this year, as the LG G6 will cost 20% cheaper to produce than the LG G5” said Kim Dong-won of analyst firm KB Securities. A lower manufacturing cost does not necessarily mean a lower selling price … LG could indeed decide to retain the LG G5 and thus increase its margins. But given the lack of popularity which he suffers, the manufacturer would benefit to offer more affordable prices and thereby increase competitiveness . We’ll know more during the MWC in Barcelona, during which the smartphone could be presented before being marketed in stride . Interested in the LG G6?