Life of Kylie: Is Kylie Jenner ashamed of her show?

Entertainment 18 July, 2017

While the spin-off of Kylie Jenner will soon be broadcast on television, it seems that the young woman does not really care. Is she ashamed of her program?

This is the new show that fans of Kylie Jenner look forward to. Yes, the next spin-off of the It Girl will soon be broadcast on American television on August 6, 2017 and it promises to be hectic. If the 19-year-old woman plans to talk about her relationship with her friends and her business in Life of Kylie, the show could also be a more sincere program than The Incredible Kardashian Family. The reason ? Kendall Jenner’s brother suggests to her admirers that she is ready to reveal herself entirely. Kris Jenner’s daughter wants to make sure that those who follow her every day realize that there are two facets of her personality: the one she has when she is with her loved ones and the one she must To have when she is on the front of the media scene. But while most Internet users are eager to discover this new show, some have doubts about the involvement of King Kylie …

If the editorial of melty recently asked what the users of Life of Kylie think, the reactions are mixed. Kylie Jenner fans count the days before the show begins while others are skeptical. For cause, if one lingers on the account Instagram of the pretty brunette, we notice that she never mentions her show. Travis Scott’s girlfriend obviously does not want to promote his show. Is she ashamed of her program or is she simply focusing on other projects? This is the question everyone is asking. Kylie Jenner is surprisingly silent on her spin-off and this is not her genre. The proof, the brother of Khloé Kardashian never hesitates to put forward its brand Kyliecosmetics or its new collaboration with Quay Australia. Maybe it’s too soon for her to start advertising on the Web? Anyway, this lack of interest seems to trouble the fans. Will Kylie Jenner take time to talk about her show? Wait and see. And you, do you understand the reaction of Kylie Jenner?