Life of Kylie will soon be released, what do Internet users think?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

After The Incredible Kardashian Family, Kylie Jenner will soon be back with her show Life of Kylie! But what do Internet users really think? Check out their reviews.

This is the question everyone is asking. Will Life of Kylie be a more sincere program than The Incredible Kardashian Family? If we believe Kylie Jenner, the answer is yes. The 19-year-old It Girl will then offer her fans a show based on her relationship with friends and her flourishing business in cosmetics and ready-to-wear. This way, viewers can discover how Kendall Jenner’s sister manages this popularity on a daily basis and is a true businesswoman. And the different facets of the young woman’s personality will also be shown. Many internet users are looking forward to seeing what the next spin-off will give. “I can not wait anymore,” “I’m too excited about the idea that it starts,” I’m so ready “are some of the glowing comments we find on Twitter, but despite this impatience and compliments Kylie Jenner is not missed by his detractors, despite the many trailers that have already been unveiled.

Let’s face it, some internet users have a hard time understanding why Kylie Jenner got his own spin-off after KUWTK. For others, envy is simply not present. Especially when we know that Life of Kylie could be a future fiasco because of her and her diva character. “So now there’s a program that’s going to be called Life of Kylie, that’s why I’m not watching TV anymore, that’s stupid,” wrote a twitto. “Kylie is going to have her own show called Life of Kylie, Wtf, stop looking at her, I can not take it anymore.” Yes, the legitimacy of King Kylie to be the heroine of a reality TV is debated on social networks as evidenced by this comment: “With the lack of real people to admire, models in the United States at this time , Why continue to fill the channels with this m * rde. Use airtime intelligently. ” But whatever one says, the show of the pretty brunette will certainly arouse strong reactions during its broadcast and therefore, the audience. All that’s left is August 6th 2017! And you, will you look at Life of Kylie?