Life Sentence, Black Lightning, Dynasty, Valor: The trailers for the new CW series are crazy!

Cinema 19 May, 2017

The American channel CW unveiled its programming series for the year 2017-2018: The trailers of its novelties are available … And it looks rather not bad!
After the publication of the new trailers of the chain ABC , it is the turn of CW to put us in full view with its 4 new series. The channel decided to put the package on while The Vampire Diaries , its flagship series ended two months ago. The CW strikes hard with its new selection for the year 2017/2018 : A high-end cast that will please the biggest fans of series. And yes, expect to see known heads, you will find actors of The Vampire Diaries , Pretty Little Liars , Devious Maids , and many more! We let you discover the trailers …
Life Sentence: The Original Comedy
After playing in Pretty Little Liars for 7 years, Lucy Hale will play Stella, the title role of Life Sentence . Stella, who has a terminal cancer, lives every day as if she were the last. But when her doctor tells her that she is finally cured, the young woman sees her life turned upside down, more when she realizes that her loved ones have lied to her for years to protect her. A romantic series full of twists and turns !
Black Lightning: The new superhero
Superhero fans will be delighted! After the series Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the CW launches its 5th series of superheroes . The show traces the story of one of DC Comics’ greatest African-American superheroes. It is the actor Cress Williams who will play this role, having played in Prison Break and more recently in Hart of Dixie . In the series, Jefferson Pierce (aka Black Lightning) made a choice: he set aside his superhero costume, many years ago, for the good of his family. But the threat is never far away and Jefferson Pierce will have to resume his secret identity and use his electromagnetic powers to save his daughters and the inhabitants of his city under the gangs.
Dynasty: A crazy opera soap
The creators of Gossip Girl have concocted a modern reboot of Dynasty , American soap opera of the Eighties. The Carrington family, at the head of a great fortune takes us in its family dramas and in love . Fallon and his brother Blake return to their father’s home, played by Grant Show (Spence in Devious Maids ), hoping to resume family business. But no bowl, their future mother-in-law, played by the beautiful Nathalie Kelley (Sybil in The Vampire Diaries ) is already on the move: then a funny duel and bitchy between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law!
Valor: Military drama
Matt Bar (the unforgettable false brother of Peyton Sawyer in the Scott Brothers ) and Christina Ochoa, a duo of elite helicopter pilots in the US Army, A secret on one of their former mission. Drama, action, desire and suspense for this new series of the CW ! What do you think of these new series?