Like you this night, these characters are always torn

Cinema 1 January, 2017

It’s every day on the 31st in the life of these TV series heroes …
When I look at myself, I feel sorry, when I compare myself, I console myself. At the hour when you read (hardly) these lines with a headache not possible, you never needed so much comfort. No, you are not the only one to give in to the advances of Jack Da, Jagermeister or even Mr. Gray Goose. And yet, you had you the excuse of the New Year. While the TV series characters squarely live under alcohol infusion throughout the year . You take grams in the blood just looking at them.
PS : Alcohol is of course in moderation. Eat, move.
Don Draper in “Mad Men”
A genius of the pub who happens to lay brilliant marketing ideas while he connects glass on glass all day at the office. Ah the 60s, what a beautiful time . Roger Sterling, the Pygmalion of Don, has a descent perhaps even more impressive.
Bender in “Futurama”
Maybe if shown Bender to all guys from Westworld who want to give a conscience to their robots, they would change quickly your mind. The best friend of Fry is a walking waste that exclusively turns to booze . But paradoxically, it is when he remains too sober that his carcass feels the effects of drunkenness. So it’s just medical if gentleman is flaring up. A good excuse that you can bring out to your parents.
Meredith Palmer in “The Office”
She is a single mother of two offspring (of two different fathers), rides a minivan, lives in Scranton, moves to Dunder Mifflin under the unbeatable Michael Scott … Yes, Meredith has a life of shit. And to avoid fucking in the air, the clerk found nothing better than alcohol. Classic.
Peter and Brian Griffin in “Family Guy”
It is certainly the only common point that connects Peter and his dog Brian (also with the love of Loïs): they often put on races. On the side of Peter, vice is fully assumed and continues almost every night on the side of “The oyster stuffed” with his potos Quagmire and Joe. It’s a miracle if he can go home by car without breaking the living room wall . For Brian, the intellectual and flirty picker, consumption is more episodic. But when it begins, it is impossible to stop it, and then it tilts on the dark side of the Force …
Frank Gallagher in “Shameless US”
Stereotype obliges, Frank Gallagher, of Irish origin, moderation he knows not. But the man extenuating circumstances: his wife is from the home, to leave their six dependent children . What to fry a lead and seek comfort with a pack of six. Responsibilities are nil.
Hank Moody in “Californication”
Like any respectable tortured writer, Hank many addictions to its range, the well bodied babes and alcohol (that hunk of Michel Houellebecq taught him everything). And so much the worse if it keeps him more away from his daughter and his ex-wife. There are priorities in life.
Sue Ellen Ewing in “Dallas”
A little pioneer in this kind of roles that ooze the drink. And at the time, it had shocked quite a lot of people. Especially since the lady began to twist during her pregnancy. A polichinelle she thought was from her lover Cliff, when it will be known much later, that he was indeed JR, her bastard husband. She gave birth to John Ross Ewing III after a car accident as she escaped from the sanatorium in which her husband had placed her to cure her addiction. In short, you will always be a small player next to this beast of competition.
Homer in “The Simpsons”
“I’m not fit to drive. Hey but wait, it must not be that I listen, I’m drunk” . Homer Simpson.
The Gang in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
What does a group of mates do when he owns a bar? Bah they mUrgent the face almost daily as five drunks The Gang , the band that manages the Paddy’s Bar in the series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” . You astonish me that they see the sun at Philly while everyone else is pealing them there.
Barney Gumble in “The Simpsons”
A counter pillar, a real one, which never begins its sentences without letting go of a good old rooster. We even feel that manger in the tavern of Moe as he is still there (but with what money it pays its cons?). Oh he tried time to stop an episode of booze ( “Sobre Barney: Alcoholics Anonymous No” ), but in a final scene worthy of The Usual Suspects, this Moe Tarba will pass him coffee in which he Has poured alcohol. Never mind losing his best customer.