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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


Sunday December 17, 2017, Antoine Griezmann found himself in the eye of the storm after she published a photo where he was in blackface in black, referring to the tradition of ” blackface “. The controversy has been revived today as Lilian Thuram spoke on the subject, and it has not spared the star striker of the Blues.

Antoine Griezmann has therefore not finished with the ” blackface-gate “. While it is believed the controversy ended, Lilian Thuram, has been awarded the oil on the fire this morning when he presented to the press ” Imaginaries and representations of the East, issues of the gaze(s) “, at the musée Delacroix in Paris, an exhibition organized by his Foundation for education against racism.

“This is not trivial, stressed the world champion in Paris while he was in a room of the exhibition dedicated to the costumes. It tells a history, the history of our culture. Why it is fun to dress up in Oriental, or Black ? Un young Black man who wants to dress up as Superman does maquillerait never White, because that would make no sense… You can dress up with a pair of shorts and a shirt, that is enough “.

Remember that the representative Council of black Associations had already condemned the attitude of Antoine Griezmann a month ago. In its press release, the GUTS had written : “The blackface is not a mistake, it is an act of racism. (…) It is no secret that the grimer in black refers to a vision pejorative and demeaning to black people. (…)”It is necessary that the sports minister and that the authorities of the FFF (French football federation] strongly condemn these practices, and shall take the necessary measures to ensure that this does not happen again”.

This morning in the margins of the presentation of the exhibition, Lilian Thuram also spoke about the racist insults uttered against Blaise Matuidi last weekend. “We are not born racist, insisted the former defender as the most expensive in the world. To come to insult a black player on a field, there is a whole history before. Prejudices are sometimes hidden in the tables, in the books. Our cultures are built on racism and sexism. By questioning our gaze, in a museum, for example, may lead young people to appreciate art and to think differently “.

Lilian Thuram,Antoine Griezmann

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