Lily-Rose Depp sponsored by her uncle, Guillaume Gouix, for the revelations Caesar

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Lily-Rose is eligible for support on Thursday, January 5th. Her husband of her aunt, Alysson Paradis, will be her godfather for the revelations of the Caesar.
The uncle by marriage to Lily-Rose Melody Depp, Guillaume Gouix, the companion of Alysson Paradis just announced good news to the girl on social networks. It has just increased its chances for obtaining the César for Best Newcomer in a few days by providing sponsorship. ” Soon the evening of cinema Cesar revelations. In Godfather mode of the best of the goddesses. Love Lily Rose. Vote Lily ” has he posted via his Instagram account to seek the greatest possible support.
On the cliché, the actor poses with a red envelope, ready to be plunged into the urn. A valuable document that proves the pride of the family to the young PRODIG e. Who knows, maybe the pretty blonde will reap the supreme reward as her mother before her. Difficult indeed to forget the smile of Vanessa Paradis 26 years ago when she was applauded by the crowd for his role in White Wedding. But be careful not to rejoice too quickly. The nugget 17 years, most recently with the poster of the Dancer could have a competitive size: Paula Beer, the pretty brunette revealed in Frantz alongside of Pierre Niney . Anyway a beautiful spirit reigns in this family movie stars .