Lindsay Lohan at the heart of a strange news item

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
lindsay-lohan-deguisee-en-harley-quinnLindsay Lohan is still and always talk about it, but not necessarily for the right reasons. The star of the movie Freaky Friday found itself involved in a violent fight, despite herself. The always well informed TMZ reports an unlikely news item which was held in Las Vegas.
In the City of vice, a man complained of having been the victim of a sordid attack in his hotel room last month. Two Russians stormed after he had rented at the Excalibur , took him to the bathroom to ask him … if he had spoken ill of Lilo! According to the police report that has acquired the US site, the man denied having ever done so but he still had the right to thrashing the year. The site not accurate if it is not also rob or if the attackers came away empty-handed, which seems all the more surprising.
Where the rub is that the alleged victim claims to have met Lindsay Lohan a few months ago. Last April, he did meet the starlet at the Coachella festival and ensures that the two men – who have fallen on him six months and another state – were there also and were recognized. The actress who celebrated 36 years last summer says she has never heard of this man. The security forces said that the man, who complained, eventually chose not to cooperate in their investigation. The case is closed, but the mystery remains.