Live By Night: Ben Affleck attacks gangster movies, our critic!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Live By Night, the latest production by Ben Affleck, is released today in theaters. Is he still as gifted? Check out our review.
When he is not of his Batman costume , Ben Affleck plays on several hats. Thus, four years after Argo , he’s back behind (and in front) camera as a director, producer, writer but also lead actor Live By Night . And as for his first film, Gone Baby Gone , he signed a new adaptation of writer Dennis Lehane , plunging us this time to the time of Prohibition, in the footsteps of Joe Coughlin, son of the police chief of Boston Who, after having lived the hell of the war, decides to no longer follow any rule, turning then into mafioso. After some misdeeds and a stay in prison, Joe will go to Tampa to impose himself in the Italian mafia and to make the affairs of rum prosper. But a guy he long ago humiliated will find him. Program: supercharged chases, bloody shootings, betrayals, three-piece suits, fedora, and heroes who steals the girlfriend of a sponsor . The whole, sprinkled with romance and humor, and here we are with a good film of gangsters as we do more. Even the narration in voiceover is there, history to well plunge us in the atmosphere.
But now, Live By Night is, as we said, a classic. It brings nothing new, if not the exotic scenery of Florida. Ben Affleck wanted to make a love letter to the movies gangster Warner and it’s successful, but the film lacks originality, surprise, suspense . As for Ben Affleck, he plays Ben Affleck. It’s good, but it’s still cold, dark and not too emotional. He does not risk too much. The rest of the cast is convincing, and for good reason, Ben Affleck knows to surround himself. Between Sienna Miller , Zoe Saldana, Brendan Gleeson, Elle Fanning or Chris Messina, the beautiful world is in order and is reflected in the acting. For all that, apart from the sheriff of Chris Cooper, tearing as a father gnawed by grief, the characters lack personality and it is difficult to attach themselves. Afterwards, following the adventures of Joe Coughlin in the regions of Florida is not boring, notably thanks to the well-placed replicas, the aestheticism of the film and its vitamin cadence. If it is not too wet, Ben Affleck remains a good director, and if his previous films you liked, Live By Night so should not displease you too. So, will you see the movie?