Liz Hurley pursued by the case of the prostitute of Hugh Grant

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

More than twenty years after the ” Divine scandal ” Liz Hurley has just played a scene similar to that her ex Hugh Grant lived companion one evening in June 1995 on Hollywood Boulevard and hastened the end of their story.

Very discreet cinema (five films in fifteen years), Liz Hurley rest for a generation one of the sex symbols of the 90s . The actress 51 years old today also conclude in 2000 with the film Bedazzled – directed by the late Harold Ramis – a decade of sensual and carnal presence on the big screen as in the media.
A name that will remain associated throughout his life to that of Hugh Grant. British actor with whom she formed from 1987 to 1997, a speedy duo ultraglamour feeding the covers of many magazines of the time. And even more after the ” Divine scandal “. Taken from an uncontrollable urge, the actor of Notting Hill , was arrested on the night of 27 June 1995 on Hollywood Boulevard for what will become one of the most famous passes of history . A case that would hasten the end of his affair with Elizabeth Hurley.
Twenty-one years later, Hugh Grant got over, Liz Hurley also but for the purposes of an interview with CBS, the actor 56 years old today spoke on the subject, calling this story ” error “: ” I was a brat … I was very drunk. And yeah, that’s unfortunate , “said the actor. Aware of the scandal it caused, Hugh Grant was surprised after all of its magnitude and its image conveyed at the time.
” The media size was entirely predictable. It was obvious that it would make a huge mess, especially with this absurd personality that stuck me on the forehead, in connection with my character in Four Weddings. People thought I was this nice guy that I played in this movie. I guess the contrast between the characters I’ve played and this deplorable behavior was tasty for the media. Finally, I understand why it’s become such a scandal , “he confessed.
Fortunately two decades later, everyone almost forgot … almost. Because since water has flowed under the bridges and in spite of this sordid episode, the two stars have remained on good terms  ; Hugh Grant is even became the godfather of the son of his ex.
Although Liz Hurley is moved on, which publishes regularly on social networks pictures of her perfect figure , has been forced to re-convene in it, painful memory. Indeed, now star of the series The Royals, Queen Helena embodies the actress, during an episode, use of fee-based services of a man … A steamy scene since the finds are lingerie. What remember the good memories of Hugh Grant.