Loana has lost a lot of weight due to a gastrectomy, she has had an operation for a tv show Gala

Entertainment 12 October, 2017


In a video message recorded for the emission Zero complex, Loana fustigent those who criticize the use of cosmetic surgery. She returns with a focus on its complex.

She retort. Last Wednesday, Star 24 unveiled the first images of the mini-series Zero complex. Ten episodes of 52 minutes, where 17 prominent figures of the reality tv come to tell infront of the camera their complex, and their use in cosmetic surgery. Among the candidates, Loana returns without taboo on the subject and spoke directly to those who criticize the people who requested of plastic surgeons.

“I’ve got a complex since I was a teenager. I would like to find a really beautiful silhouette, and stop wearing sizes 40… It waits for the first little ride, the first small kiloexplains the former girlfriend of Phil Storm. Since the filming of the show a few months ago, Loana has undergone a gastrectomy to reduce the size of his stomach. The quarantenaire has lost 30 pounds in seven months.

In front of the lens, Loana calls ” idiots “ those who believe that aesthetic surgery is not good. “Clear a bump on a nose, to increase a chest too small, or remove a few extra pounds, if the surgery can bring happiness to this moment she is well. By contrast, abusing it, losing its identity, I think that it is mortalprevents Loana, who has already had recourse to the lancet prior to his gastrectomy.

Among the candidates include Maeva Martinez (Secret Story 10), Vanessa Breckpot (Secret Story 9) Lauren Cruz (Revenge of The Ex) or even Fanny Salvat and Parisa (Marseille). Viewers will follow their trip in Tunisia, in the clinical Medespoir where they were made.

Photo credit : Agence / Bestimage


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