Logan: Hugh Jackman teases the film’s timeline!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

What is the timeline of the X-Men Logan franchise? Hugh Jackman gives us some clues about this thorny problem!
With 8 film and a journey through time that literally messed, the franchise X-Men is not ftoujours ONNECTING square when it comes to respect a certain timeline. So much so that we no longer know where we are! At the end of Days of Future Past , it was indeed convinced that everything would be better for our mutants and were effective in finding a way to peacefully coexist with normal humans. Except that see the trailers of Logan, as the final trailer which was unveiled with an X-23 fully unleashed , things seem to have rather gone wrong! So how did Hugh Jackman and, above all, director James Mangold address the problem of the timeline of the film? In fact, as you’ll see, meltynautes, they simply preferred … ignore the various existing timelines in the franchise ! In an interview to Digital Spy, Hugh Jackman and tease: ” You will understand when you see the whole movie Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone but it also presents a slightly different universe In fact.. you will clearly see that it explores a different paradigm . “. And then the word is dropped!
So actually, Logan prefer not to take into account the events that were narrated in eight previous films. Moreover, one can understand the choice of the director, so to locate in the timelines and to leave something coherent with them can prove to be a real headache. Hugh Jackman does not seek in any case not to hide the benefits of this approach because it goes on to explain: ” [Follow timelines] becomes a little game of chess, which does not help to tell the story, Especially since it’s gone a bit in all directions.I do not criticize this aspect – X-Men was one of the first movies to actually adapt the comics book, and no one thought there would be any ” others with different directors . “. Of course, the presence of Patrick Stewart in the role of Charles Xavier allows to link with the other films in the franchise , without that one is entitled to long references to past events. Hugh Jackman ends by saying: ” [Logan] is not really accountable to the stories and timelines of other films Sure, Patrick Stewart’s in so there is a small crossover side but it’s very different. .” . Anyway, therefore, even if the X-Men comics exist in the film, Logan appears increasingly as an album to share in the franchise, detached from everything that has been done before. This does not mean that it becomes less exciting, far from it! Do you look forward to seeing the film?