Logan: New video unveiled at Super Bowl 2017

Cinema 7 February, 2017

As the release of Wolverine 3 approaches, Fox has taken advantage of the Super Bowl to unveil a new video!
The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events in the USA and in the world! The studios profit from the hundred million spectators to tease their films and to offer a magnificent advertisement. This was for example the case this year with Fast and Furious 8 which unveiled an explosive trailer . But the Fox is not outdone and made a nice little gift to the aficionados of Marvel with an exclusive teaser of Logan (of only 30 seconds not to reveal too much anyway). Everything is soothed by the American national anthem to have us understand the importance of character in the culture of the country . But enough spoken, place to the video below.
You can see X-23 running with other children (who are they?), Facing enemies alongside Wolverine or the look of Caliban. 30 short seconds that will turn up the heat to future viewers Wolverine 3, the ultimate trailer with an X-23 unleashed was also unveiled . As a reminder, the film should largely draw inspiration from the comics Old Man Logan and be Rated-R. What to propose extreme violence typical of the most famous X-Men and content the fans of the latter. This is thanks to the success of Deadpool that studios agreed that the ultimate hero of the adventure is more free. What do you think ?