Logan: What is the black-and-white version of the film worth?

Cinema 6 July, 2017

This is news that will delight fans of Logan! It comes to us on DVD and Blu-Ray, the latter containing even the black and white version of the film. But what is it worth?

With his dark atmosphere, his hero at the end of the scroll and his apocalyptic road trip, Logan has lastingly marked the spirits! Intense and violent, it was above all allowed to say goodbye to the character as it was interpreted for more than a decade by Hugh Jackman. No wonder he took us by the throat and guts, with his scene of end of a terrible sadness but finally sticks well to the mutant claws of adamantium. Fans of Wolverine will be delighted to learn that the DVD and Blu-Ray of the film have landed yesterday and that they will be able to plunge back into the last adventure of their hero. But better still, the Fox, which does not do things by half, included the black and white version of the film in the bonuses and that is rather good news!

It should be remembered that this black and white version of Logan, the most profitable Wolverine film of the franchise, is the fans who claimed it, especially on Twitter, after being seduced by the few extracts of Logan unveiled in these Two colors when promoting the film. James Mangold and the studios then acceded to their desire, producing an integral version in black and white that was originally only to be present on Blu-Ray support. Until the Fox decided to organize a big event by broadcasting this version of the film, called Logan Noir, in a reduced number of American cinemas. And this for a single projection. What a lot of jealous people in the rest of the world, who did not have the right to this kind of demonstration! But that does not matter, the evil is now repaired. Since yesterday we have the opportunity to rediscover Logan and his characters in a fairly stylish black and white version. But what is it really worth?

Basically, the fact that the film goes from color to black and white does not fundamentally change the experience. But it must be admitted that it offers a new, more intense, more tragic dimension to certain scenes. These include the opening sequence, full of dramatic melancholy and pessimism, or the confession of Charles Xavier, delivered to an X-24 about to assassinate him. And, most importantly, this black and white version is sumptuous! It does not take away from the violence and the intensity of the film, even enhancing its western dimension and its wave to the soul. As for the actors’ performances, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the lead, they are absolutely not spoiled by the absence of color, our attention being focused more on their different expressions because it is no longer solicited by the colors of decors. In the end, everything is only a question of point of view. If some will see in this black-and-white version only a pure reiter of Logan not really necessary, others will see a new way, still beautiful but still sadder, to bid farewell to the character.