Loire : a shot of hornet plunges a man into a coma

Health 14 July, 2017


Published the 14.07.2017 at 16h11


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The incidents of everyday life sometimes takes a turn dramatic. Especially when a wasp stings are involved. On the 18th of June, a forty-something woman living in the region of Roanne (Loire) has suffered a strong allergic reaction after having been stung by a hornet.

Now in intensive care, the man is in a coma. His condition is cause for concern, after The Progress which reveals this case. His brain, in particular, would have suffered significant damage. Reactions of this magnitude remain rare, according to Thomas Guerin, chief of the emergency department of the hospital of Roanne. “Each year, we have one or two cases of stinging hymenoptera serious,” he says of the Progress.

500 stings hornet

In fact, the complications after a sting remain infrequent. Between 2004 and 2012, Public Health France has identified 3 400 encounters unhappy with a hymenoptera – family to which belongs the hornet. Less than 500 involved this large insect.

Source : Public Health France

However, caution is required. If the hornets do not represent the majority of the stings, they cause more often than hospital care. While 6 % of altercations with the bees bring to the hospital, this is the case for 15 % of the stings of the hornet.

In order to raise awareness of these interactions a little more pleasant, the health authorities have issued some advice to the approach of summer. People with an allergy should immediately contact the emergency – calling 15 or 112. A reclining position, legs lifted, allows you to limit the damage. Better, also, notify relatives of the allergy in question.