Long live the pasta

Health 24 October, 2017


Published the 24.10.2017 to 18: 00


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First of all, a good new for all the children. The plate of spaghetti any single, guilty all the moms, is a thousand times better than the steak-fries or other burgers… And the guarantee of a real full of energy !


The pasta does not make you fat

Speaking of pasta, it is first to bend the neck to the two legends.

First, they are absolutely not fattening when consumed in normal quantities. On the other hand, it will be less friendly with this that may accompany them : the excess of sauce, sour cream, bacon bits or grated cheese.

Second injustice : pasta, contrary to what people believe, are not against-indicated in the plans against cholesterol. There is, in fact, that 1/7th of egg in a ration normal. Not enough to make a dish banned… quite the contrary ! By decreasing the secretion of fat by the liver, participating in the reduction of cholesterol levels, they are even indicated in the diet of those who suffer from heart disease.


Low fat, lots of sugars

Pasta is low in fat and a lot of sugars, but be careful of slow carbohydrates that are digested very slowly, releasing into our blood stream with a constant energy, without panic our body as when we eat a piece of sugar. Hence the name, and, above all, their interest in energy. Another advantage is that, when eating pasta, it has little or no desire to eat foods that are fatty or sugary. So, if you want to lose weight, why not focus on the noodles… but in reasonable quantities !

All that – and that is much less well-known, there is in this feed as much protein as in eggs and almost as much as in the meat, and, moreover, of better quality.

Finally, when cooking, they fill with water. Two times their volume. Which, especially in older people who drink little, represents a contribution in cash non-negligible.