Longevity would not have a biological limit

Health 30 June, 2017


Published the 30.06.2017 at 17h48


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The duration of life of the human species, will she continue to lie ? Is there a biological limit ? These questions agitated the scientific world for many years, in particular since the death of the French Jeanne, Calm down, died at the age of 122 years.

In October 2016, researchers from the School of medicine Albert Einstein in New York (United States) assured him that she would surely be the dean of the humanity. According to their calculations, the human being could not exceed 115 years. But new studies have been published, also in Nature Communications Arising now claim to the contrary.

In total, five research teams of international refute the work of researchers in new york city. Among them, scientists from McGill university (Canada) took over the data used by the researchers of the School of medicine Albert Einstein to support their thesis.

No set limit

Thus, they have analyzed the demographic data available on the centenarians in 4 countries (United States, France, Japan and Great Britain) since 1968. If they find also that no woman or man has broken the record of Jeanne Calm since 1997, the canadian scientists conclude that a maximum period of longevity can not be highlighted. And in the case where it would be nice and well, it can not yet be determined.

“It’s simple : we don’t know the maximum age that can reach the human being, ensures Siegfried Hekimi. To tell the truth, if we extrapolate from historical data of life expectancy, maximum and average available, they could further increase a long time “.

The science is still progressing

For these researchers, it seems impossible to predict the evolution of life expectancy in humans as technology and medicine continue to advance. “One can hardly set a limit, continues the researcher. 300 years ago, people died often in the flower of age. If they had been told that one day, most human beings could hope to blow out a hundred candles, the event would have seemed completely far-fetched.”

Also, the researchers do they refuse to say that there will never be Jane Calmed. On the other hand, they ensure that the work of the School of medicine Albert Einstein in New York included bias and statistical errors. The battle science is only in its infancy.