Look at dyslexia : a point is needed

Health 21 October, 2017


Published the 21.10.2017 at 08: 00


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Six million French are at the start of their school life with dyslexia, that is to say that they are going to confuse the letters from shapes adjacent and in mirror like ” q ” and ” p “, or sounds very like ” v ” and ” f “. This is often accompanied, can be understood, learning difficulties, reading and writing. But also disorders of behavior. The children are often hyperactive, clumsy in their gestures. All of this having an impact on educational outcomes. Because on these 6 million French, they will be about a million to suffer really, to the point of having difficulties of professional insertion.

Wringing the neck of a legend

Neither the parents nor the teachers who are responsible for this problem of learning. Well, it doesn’t have to be a emotional in origin to this disorder.

Today, we are moving towards a biological disorder that opens the track to a treatment more easy and radical as the one we propose today. The discovery of visual receptors abnormal allows us to envisage a re-education of our eye, and thus, of dyslexia.

The portrait robot of the little dyslexic

It is in 75% of cases of a boy rather left-handed or ambidextrous. But this is not enough the screening, which is in fact rather simple for a teacher or parents to be vigilant. A reading slow, laborious, poor spelling in a child yet attentive and good in calculation must be alert, especially if there are already similar cases in the family. However, 10% to 12% of the French who are not able to read properly in a country as structured as ours is unacceptable, especially that there are now solutions.

What are speech-language pathologists and physicians speech pathologists who are best acquainted with this problem, that traditional medicine has long been a loosely abandoned. Before to address to them, it is not useless to ask the opinion of the general practitioner or pediatrician who needs to know now to whom to address the dyslexia. All the new techniques quite revolutionary see the light of day from changes of posture or strobe lights LED. Since the arrival of exams as complex as the scanner and the MRI, the neurologists and the ophtalmos were interested in the problem.

And all these good wishes make it possible today to cure the most dyslexies taken care of soon enough.

In conclusion, it is particularly important that the parents are not dismayed by the discovery of dyslexia, because taken in time, it can be perfectly contained. And it is not a defect, but, on the contrary, the sign of intellectual abilities is remarkable that there is going to have to just know a little bit more difficult to highlight.