Lorie, the worry: it makes a malaise during the concert of Enfoires

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

What happened to Lorie? This Thursday, January 19, the singer was on stage in Toulouse for the concert Enfoirés, when she made a discomfort. She did not come back singing after being evacuated – enough to cause anxiety among her fans.
Les Enfoirés are the subject of all concern. When they are not absent, as Pierre Palmade who push their fans to question their health – fortunately in the case of the comedian, all is well – it is the present that. This Thursday, January 19, according to an information of the magazine Closer , the fans of Lorie present in Toulouse for the concert of Enfoires knew a sacred fear. The interpreter of I go quickly , after three numbers of singing, was victim of a discomfort on stage. Leaving the concert, the singer at the fifteen-year career did not return to the stage later – not even to greet one last time the public came en masse enjoy the show and support the Restos du Cœur.
On Twitter, faced with this absence, fans began to worry. Fortunately, Lorie reacted on Friday afternoon to reassure her ” Lorie family, ” as she nicknamed affectionately those who have followed her for years. ” I’m sorry for all those who came to the show last night , has she wrote on Twitter. Due to a large blow of fatigue, I could do a few tables at the beginning of the show. I rested , And I’m going a little better, but tonight I will not be able to do all the pictures, thank you for all your messages, they give me energy. “The singer is fine, but is not yet In full health: the anxiety remains, and all fans expect to see the star in top form.