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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


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Back in France, after having attended the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in Saint-Barth, the musician Maxim Nucci, also known by the name Yodelice, comes again to the United States. There, he will have the opportunity to find Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters Jade and Joy.

Finished Saint-Barth, its sandy beaches, its mild sun… in a few days, Laeticia Hallyday and her children will find their villa in Los Angeles, where the girls will return to school. In spite of the grief, and the difficulty for Laeticia to leave Johnny, Jade and Joy, in fact, must re-accustom themselves to the rhythm of school. Laeticia Hallyday, her, can still rely on the help of a few friends who surround him. Soon, it will find another support weight: Maxim Nucci. Also known by the general public under the name Yodelice, the musician of 38 years, faithful friend and collaborator, Johnny, has just put his bags on the West coast of the United States. Through a story Instagram, this member of the guard close to the deceased rocker has just released the photo of a bill from u.s. customs for his name and his photograph. Above the cliché, Maxim Nucci has added the following statement: Los Angeles, California. While several media outlets recount the difficult work of mourning ” the widow of the rocker, to the point that some worry that Laeticia broods, Maxim will definitely be a shoulder on which she can rely when she will have the mission to finish the album posthumous the Taulier.

This is the side of Johnny throughout his illness. Essential support for his family during his disappearance, Yodelice was also part of the small committee be invited to pay a last tribute to Johnny Hallyday, the 11th of December last, on the island of Saint-Barthelemy. Also become a close friend of Laeticia, the musician will not fail to visit the widow and her two daughters in their home in Pacific Palisades during his stay in Los Angeles. However, it should not be forgotten that the French comes first in the land of uncle Sam to work. After helping Johnny Hallyday to make his last few albums, Maxim Nucci has now for mission to develop an album posthumously worthy of the name. A 51st and last album signed by the boss.

Because before his death, the father of David, Laura, Jade and Joy has found the strength to save a dozen previously unreleased tracks. Joined by Yarol Poupaud, musician Johnny Hallyday, Sebastien Farran, manager of the artist, and Yvan Cassar, a composer and renowned pianist, Maxim Nucci is now seeking the perfect alchemy for this album historic. These past few weeks already, he has shared images of the work done behind the scenes to carry out this project. No one knows for now what it will look like the final product and no one knows yet the date of publication. In this regard, Yarol Poupaud slipped recently in the journal le Parisien: “I think no one knows yet exactly how many there will be songs in the end. It is not to make the filling, […] it only takes of the songs that Johnny claimed completely and that he would be proud of. “

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