Lou Doillon: his touching tribute to his missing sister

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

She prefers to forget the date of 11 December. Her older sister Kate Barry, who died there nearly three years, occupies the thoughts of Lou Doillon, every day. And sometimes on his instagram account, emotion flush …

doillonbestouvA sepia photograph, familiar, suffused with a little melancholy. In its center, a hug clock by a young woman, who, it seems, would have liked to stop the hands. And this comment modest, but understood by all those who have experienced the loss of a loved one: “time passes …” While three years have passed since his tragic death on 11 December, Lou Doillon has just honor the memory of her older sister Kate Barry, victim of defenestration on his instagram account.
In late October, a month after he graced a parade Yves Saint Laurent , mother Jane Birkin entrusted the Parisien : “The pain is so great, the lack … To say I’ll be without it until the end of my life is unimaginable. She came to France with me when she was a year old, hotels, life with Serge (Gainsbourg ) … after she told me she would keep me when I’m old. I was lucky to have such a daughter! She was terribly human. ” As we approach the accursed December 11, Lou, she chose to write a portrait of her done by his senior photographer before which French actresses and singers had the habit of giving up.
While a retrospective of the work of Kate is currently traveling the world, the youngest of the clan Birkin, followed by some 218,000 people on instagram even encourages passage aesthetes to Prague to see the exhibition.
The seasons come and go, but nothing erases memories. Struck by anonymous who entrusted him have also experienced a suicide in their family, Lou was first taken refuge in the recording of a second album , Lay Low and on stage. Create, sing, vibrate, when all calls to desolation. Her way of grieving, while her younger sister Charlotte Gainsbourg chose exile in New York . At the end of the summer, Lou has nevertheless joined his mother in Brittany, in the family home Abers , the same one where Kate landed with his bohemian fantasy, dogs and a parrot. Whisper of ghosts, but this time as a soft sound, almost soothing.
On 7 December, the singer empoignera his guitar for a concert at the Flèche d’Or in Paris. Among the songs she will perform her tube ICU , pronounced “I see you.”
“I see you” is a promise that seems to Lou to his sister Kate who knew the look sympathetically …