Louis Bertignac, dad for the third time: “We nearly lost his mom”

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

Guitarist Insus? tells the “few hours of hell” that were the confinement of his wife Laetitia.
louis-bertignac-et-son-petit-jack-ne-leBetween successful Insus? on stage ( reformation of three former phone ) and the birth of her son Jack , 19 November, Louis Bertignac (62) is over the moon. Cloud that has yet gone through a terrible storm since his girlfriend Laetitia (28 years) has to fail to die during childbirth. This is what the rocker, accomplice on stage richard kolinka and Jean-Louis Aubert , already father of two little girls ( Lola, born in 2004, and Lili in 2007 , whose mother is Julie Delafosse), told on his official Facebook page.
After announcing the birth of her son Jack, Saturday at 20:42, and posted the first photos and videos of the baby, Louis Bertignac wished to thank his fans by posting a few more words on Facebook. There he reveals that Laetitia nearly died in childbirth: ” This fervor, these tokens of love, friendship, tenderness, kindness, benevolence etc !!! Thank you thank you thank you But it ‘. is still a little too crazy, right? for a little Jack, who is still struggling to open their eyes and understand where it happened! it’s nice, of course, especially after the storm we experienced .. . Because everything was not easy, far from it … a few hours of hell … Jack has a wonderful mom, but we almost lose it! ” In fact, the singer and guitarist thanks the clinic staff who took care of her son and saved his mom: ” Thanks to everyone for the clinic who did a fantastic job for me, I just had very very afraid … Everything is more relaxed since yesterday. ”
As touching as he marked several generations of rock fans with Telephone (solid rooms for concerts Insus? Are proof) and his solo career, Louis Bertignac is surprised by the magnitude taken in the media by this birth and the number of messages sent by his fans: ” I was happy to announce you but then to make an almost national history;) the people pages etc … in short, I am a human among others, which has hundreds of thousands of friends … and my son, aged two days, is already a star (…) No, seriously, the craziest of all, it is the incredible number of people just waiting to give love !!! You, what! ”
With his accomplices Jean-Louis Richard, Louis Bertignac should have put an end to the adventure of Insus? on Saturday November 12 during their visit at the Zenith in Paris. But with the demand, the cult group, yet amputated his historic bassist Corine Marienneau , will hit the road in January and culminate in a concert at the Stade de France on September 15, 2017. A live album and DVD were also announced .