Louis de Funes: His son Daniel, victim of a heart attack and dying …

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

“The eldest son of the greatest comic of the twentieth century lives indeed his last moments,” revealed a journalist close to Daniel de Funes.
Nearly 34 years after the death of Louis de Funes , his eldest son Daniel prepares to turn his goodbyes and prepares to join his father. Indeed, according to journalist Jean-Jacques Jelot-Blanc, close to Daniel de Funès (79 years), the latter would be between life and death.
Jean-Jacques Jelot-Blanc reveals the health of his friend after he suffered a heart attack in a Facebook message, published on Tuesday morning, January 17, and addressed to Daniel. ” That’s always very discreet man, and soon 80 years – on July 12 – Daniel de Funes wants to bid us farewell , he wrote. As he also lived throughout his life, in the greatest discretion, the eldest son of the greatest comic of the twentieth century, the great Louis de Funes, saw indeed his last moments … ”
” No doubt that Daniel wants to go in cold winter months, as his father left this sad Thursday, January 27, 1983, continues the man who has worked at the ORTF. Like his father, it ‘ is the result of a heart attack occurred the same day as him, that Daniel health had deteriorated … “According to him,” today sounds like a last sitting ” and” the curtain will fall ” , writes It unpainted.
” From the fabric of the screen to the net, there is a small step for you to show him, as I did the last twenty years, your support, your respect, your admiration Or your friendship.If he is going to join Louis, let us tell him how much we loved him as much as we could love his father.We like this man so discreet, as was also his famous father … “affectionately concludes Jean-Jacques Blanc Jelot with which Daniel Funes, son of comedian and Germaine Carroyer, participated in writing a book about the work of his Louis de Funes: the Academy Award .
Wednesday morning, Jean-Jacques Blanc Jelot wrote again: ” Thanks for all your messages of sympathy and encouragement transmitted immediately to the family of daniel at his bedside .”