Louis Sarkozy mocks François Fillon on Twitter

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

We knew Louis Sarkozy disappointed at the defeat of his father Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday to primary right, but the young man did not seem ready to let the song.

louis-sarkozyMonths that Nicolas Sarkozy was working on his election to the Primary of the right and center, to take his place at the Elysee. Given the first defeat he had suffered in 2012 presidential and the impact it has had on those around him, there would have been nothing surprising that his family put behind this times- this. Far from it. His wife, Carla Bruni, was of course his every step, as always in full support , but it was not the only one. The son of the former President were also there. The youngest, Louis, 19, is even his biggest fan.
Sunday night, when the defeat of the candidate was announced, the young man posted on social networks a picture tribute to his father. Under the caption “Some love stories never end.” Seen young Nicolas Sarkozy wave a French flag. It could have ended there, but Louis says Sarko junior, is struggling to digest the ouster of his dad . Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, it was in a mixture of humor and sobriety he handed a layer. While Nicolas Sarkozy announced his support to François Fillon, his victorious opponent face his nemesis, Alain Juppé , Louis was content to share a mocking article by our colleagues BFM TV, without further comment. Fillon has seen too tall for his meeting-between rounds! announced the title.
It speaks of the huge room remained half empty Tuesday night reserved by François Fillon campaign team. Should we see a simple teasing young Sarko or rather a warning to the choice of his illustrious dad?