Louis Sarkozy, recast, would have already replaced Capucine Anav

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

After 19 months of love, Capucine Anav and Louis Sarkozy have separated. If the young woman is still in shock of this breakup, the son of the former president would already have a new girlfriend.

As you révélions earlier in the day, Louis Sarkozy left Capucine Anav by text , because of his strained relationship with Cécilia Attias , and because she refused to end her career. Indeed, given the many blunders of the young woman, who did not hesitate to reveal juicy details of their private lives in TPMP , the son of the former president asked him to choose between his position as columnist and their story ‘love. Stunned by this ultimatum, which it considers ” shameful “, is part Capucine find solace with his family in Lyon, while her ex is currently in Marrakech with his mother and his supposed new girlfriend .
According to the site information Public , Louis Sarkozy would already Recase with some Victoria Poniatowski. Aged 26 years, this young woman, after the Polish nobility has everything to Cécilia Attias, who has never really worn Capucine Anav in his heart . As beautiful as it is cultured, Victoria has, like Louis, done extensive studies since she joined the prestigious Sotheby’s Insitute of Art in London. For now, the two main stakeholders have not confirmed their idyll.