Louis Sarkozy, so proud of his father

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

Louis Sarkozy multiplies the messages to his father on the canvas and more particularly on Instagram. This time, if the young man does not show up with a French flag to support his father in many political trials, he shows his love with more subtle attention: by a childhood photograph.
If Nicolas Sarkozy has always kept his political files out of the corner of his eye, he has not abandoned his sons. On the contrary, he has always given them time to see them grow slowly. Today 19 year old Louis Sarkozy says Sarko junior, looks back on his Instagram account. And shows once again that he is proud of the one who brought him up and transmitted to him many values.
Indeed, the son of the former president and bike fan has even shared a snapshot . An image that shows the son of Cecilia Attias aged ten years in striped polo, very complicit with his dad. At that time, the career of Nicolas Sarkozy knew a certain boom and father and son have fewer and fewer opportunities to see themselves. ” Blessed are the son who had a father in their model, Jean-François Ducis; Epistle to Mr Droz, 1813″ , captioned the young man. A tender attention that should remind Dad that its first climb of stage in May 2007, but also the time of the first homework to present to the classmates … And more, the day when this little boy accompanied him to a conference room, it was in 2009, when the cadet went to the Bleachers of the UN General Assembly in the United States to listen to his father’s speech, only a few meters from a new arrival in the family, his stepmother Carla Bruni.