Lourdes, 20, plays the provocative as her mother Madonna

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

The succession is assured ! Like his glorious mother, Lourdes Leon was chosen as field of expression, that of provocation as evidenced by his numerous publications on his Instagram account. Look !

lourdes-leonLike Mother like daughter ! A young lady coquettish time, another to play the punk shaved, Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, has like many teens, exploited the bottom of adolescence and out. And it seems she has finally found its home port stylistically.
The young woman of 20 years has indeed, quite naturally, to land where his glorious mother has so often accosted, namely provocation. An oddball looks she does not hide, quite the contrary. As evidenced by the many photographs it publishes on his Instagram account.
Cigarette in mouth, glassy eyes, tongue extended, lascivious poses, the daughter of the ” Queen of Pop ” has limitations as it seems to discover As she becomes a woman. But nothing to worry about … yet. No headlines in the press, just a celebration of the art pushed to its climax. Nothing to worry his mother to star in short.
Indeed, Madonna thinks it is ” absurd ” to dissuade all costs of his children take drugs. Interviewed last year by Jonathan Ross, the ” Material Girl ” was shown to have enough confidence in their children to make good choices, including his eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon.
” I ask my daughter to make good choices, and do everything in moderation. So I will not say” no, do not do drugs, “because it’s stupid and ultimately unfair. I’ve tried. ” Madonna seems partisan personal experimentation rather than purely authoritarian repression. Time will tell if the method is correct.