Love Food: Caroline Ithurbide aid chiefs to find love on C8

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

Monday, December 5, Caroline Ithurbide present a new issue of dating for less original. In Love Food , viewers will discover four chefs, aged 32-46 years, in search of love.

caroline-ithurbideIn a few weeks, C8 will broadcast the first two episodes of Love Food . This unique program and produced by Prod tank will stage four chefs in search of a soul mate . There are several months they had also launched a call for applications by distributing their pictures on the website of the chain.
As for selected leaders, viewers will have the opportunity to discover Raynald, 35, co-owner of a restaurant in the North. They will also met Richard, 46, widower and father of a 19 year old girl living in the south of France. They then find Francois, 33, whose ultimate dream is to open his own establishment and to found a family. Then Hugo, 32, manager of a Parisian restaurant and father of two.
On the way Love is in the meadow , the leaders will meet with their suitors over dinner that they themselves have prepared. Later, young women, they have selected for their character and their affinities, spend a few days at home and discover their restaurant daily . The question is whether they will be able to accept their lifestyle.