Love Food – Hugo, cook chief seducer: “I, I stop at the physical!”

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

The hunk of “Love Food” speaks …
hugo-seducteur-dans-l-amour-food-surMonday, December 5, C8 proposed the first issue of The Love Foodfrom 21h, the new program dating in the world of animated kitchen by Caroline Ithurbide. In this version “cooks” of Love is in the meadow , we discovered four cooks in need of love whose beautiful Hugo kid who capsized a few hearts …
When asked by our colleagues , the chef of 33 years based in Paris has said about his participation: ” There are a few years back, I had a casting for Top Chef I ‘m. was registered late but as the cast was done, it was not done. After I did not want to re-register because it did not interest me. (…) Love Food , c ‘is an emission dating mixed in the kitchen. what we want to show is that this is difficult in our business to find love because we work enormously . ”
Then about his sex appeal acclaimed by its contenders, Hugo responded: ” . It’s part of me, I love to please, I like being a little too seductive without abusing Obviously, I played a little … After I assume that when I’m single, I remain faithful and not because we love like that will deceive the person with who we are. Today, everyone loves to please, whether man or woman. “He continued by assuming being very sensitive to physical candidate:” I . l must admit that the physical, it is important enough for me there some people do not stop at the physical, I stop at the physical. the first thing I look for in a girl, it’s physics. If it does not physically like, I will not go further . ”
Next hearings, the first issue of The Love Food gathered 321,000 viewers on average on the two new episodes, or 1.5% of the public. A rather slow start to the show produced by Reservoir Prod.