Love is in the meadow 2017 – Gilles: Death, accident … life has not spared it

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

The year 2012 was terrible for this candidate.
Gilles is one of the fourteen candidates – with Nathalie , Julie , Carole , Gerard , Sebastian , Raphael , Pierre-Emmanuel , Jean-Marc , Patrice , Christophe , Vincent and Roland and Romuald , it is the turn of – to be at the casting love is in the meadow in 2017 .
Cereal and breeder of bull calves in New Aquitaine, this 57 years old candidate comes back from far. Father of three children, he lost his wife a few years ago. As our colleagues from Paris , this father is a widower since 2012. His wife died then when her youngest was only 8 years old. A terrible ordeal followed by another. In the same year, one of Gilles’ children was the victim of a serious accident.
In an excerpt from his portrait broadcast on the Facebook page of the issue, Gilles, shy facing the beautiful Karine Merchant , confessed being afraid to launch into a love story. We wish her to overcome her fear and find the new woman of her life.