Love is in the meadow 2017: Jean-Marc, a good alive very tender

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

This candidate risks reaching many viewers …
Nathalie , Julie Gerard , Sebastian , Raphael and Pierre-Emmanuel are the first farmers of Love is in the pre 2017 had been presented to users. On the official Facebook account of the show, the public this time was able to meet Jean-Marc.
Aged 52, the candidate is a vintner and breeder of suckler cows in Burgundy. Good living, Jean-Marc like ” hunt with colleagues “, especially the big game. And he is not ready to stop this activity, even to please the future woman of his life. This is almost the only requirement he has.
Faced with Karine Le Marchand , Jean-Marc explains indeed love brown as much as blondes and record although a woman is round or thin. Very tender and timid, the breeder wants to be a protective companion for the one who will share his daily life.