Love is in the meadow 2017: Portrait of Pierre-Emmanuel, charming cereal

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

The candidate is revealed …
And here’s a fifth candidate portrait Love is in the pre 2017 unveiled ! After those of Julie Gerard , Sébastien and Raphael , the Facebook account of the show has published a new picture and a video to present the attractive Pierre-Emmanuel.
Aged 43, the candidate of this new edition is cereal and breeder of dairy and lactating cows in Center-Val-de-Loire. ” Completely independent women, it’s not my thing ,” he confesses to the beautiful Karine Le Marchand in a video clip posted on the social network.
Tall, slim and rather handsome, Pierre-Emmanuel seeks a demonstrative woman and appreciates his humor which, it seems, is close to that of the presenter, that is to say, grivois. ” I’ve always had a very Gallic humor. Over the years, it is less and less cut, so viewers feel that I loose ” confesses Karine Le Marchand about that without the pages Télé 7 days .
” I talked with my friends and they told me that I had a beautiful and cultured woman ,” continues the grain. We wish him to find shoes at his feet!