Love is in the meadow : a farmer gay in the casting : not everything has been rosy for Guillaume who had dropped Gala

Entertainment 15 January, 2018

Love is in the meadow

It was a few years ago, William, a farmer gay, had participated in The love is in the meadow. Fell in love with, the young man had yet left the filming in the course of the road.

On Monday 15 January 2018, The Love is in the pre making a big comeback on M6. For the 13th consecutive season, viewers will be able to discover the portraits of the farmers and farmers singles, looking for love. And this new edition has a small special feature : this year, a new homosexual candidate will be a part of. Thomas, a former stretcher-bearer became an oyster farmer in the Aquitaine region, is the second entrant gay of the history of the show, and he is hoping to find love, like many others before him.

Its participation is necessarily echo that of William, in 2015. During the season 10 of the show presented by Karine The trader, he was the first homosexual candidate to the program. Her story had deeply touched the audience, as the facilitator, very emotional during their meeting. But his adventure had had a premature end. After the portraits, and the speed-dating, the farmer had decided to cut short the filming. For cause : he had fallen madly in love with a certain Damien, met outside of the show.

Unfortunately for him, this love story seems not to have lasted, since a year later, he sent a message full of regret at Karine Le Marchand, on Facebook, explaining how the programme had had an impact on him. “Karine” Miss natural Beauty “on September 26, 2014, it has changed my life, in me again in the past that my family, my friends did not know… “before clarifying :” I made the mistake of everything. “A decision that William had bitterly regretted, and that he advised against the future participants of the show :” Don’t be like me, go to the end of the adventure, if a person loves you, but doesn’t want to go in front of the cameras, then she will be there at the end of the adventure if she really love you. “

A mess of Guillaume (S10) which is hot in the ❤️. Am so sad that you got arrested for nothing…I will still be there # ADP

— Karine Le Marchand (@KarineLMOff) January 18, 2016

Yet, two years later, his point of view on the issue seemed to have changed. In December 2017, he took to the floor to take to the show… And to Karine Le Marchand. “I had the impression to have been a phenomenon of the fair , î he told our colleagues of Here before you say about the facilitator : “It surprises me when candidates say that they have had a feeling with it. For me, there has been nothing from the beginning of the shooting of the portrait. “William stated that his departure had nothing to do with the famous Damien, but with the show :” I felt betrayed by the production, betrayed by the pretenders, so I said stop. I left everything behind to flee from it all.

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Karine Le Marchand

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