“Love is in the meadow”: Carole victim of a stroke

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

Carole, candidate of the twelfth season of Love is in the meadow, made a stroke. Karine Le Marchand unveiled the information, a few hours of the broadcast on M6 of the complete portrait of the farmer.
Candidates of the Love is in the field do not have an easy life. Carole, a twelfth season participant, had a stroke. The presenter of the program, Karine Le Marchand, unveiled this terrible ordeal crossed by the candidate. Full portrait airs tonight on M6, with that of six other farmers in search of true love.
“She had a stroke, and since then she crunches Toothy life” , revealed the presenter of the program, in an interview published by TVMag Monday January 9th. Karine Le Marchand agreed to say a little more about Carole, “breeder of St. Bernard and mother of six children (with an amazing body!), Which has the adage ” to be happy, live perched ‘” .
The presenter welcomes the cast of the twelfth season. ” We have great stories and rich personalities. Some have experienced difficult events, such as stroke or death, which allowed them to question themselves and which they used to become something else. ” This is the case of Carole, but Gilles, whose picture was broadcast on Monday. In the same year, he lost his mother and his wife, and one of his children had a serious road accident.
Hopefully their participation in Love is in the field will allow them to find happiness!