Love is in the meadow: discover what couples have already broken

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Just days after the close of the 11 th season of love is in the meadow , our colleagues Closer wanted to know what had become of the couples formed during the broadcast. The balance sheet is far from positive.

lamour-est-dans-le-preAlready during the show, the evidence was not appropriate for everyone. We remember especially the Eric disarray that had received only one contender, Francoise, with which no spark was born. Eric is not the only candidate to come out empty-handed from this strange adventure: Love is in the meadow .
At the balance sheet already, the attraction that had quickly gathered Paulo Celine Dion had fainted , but none of them provide much clearer. Reasons Julien, the breeder of 32 cows not had to digest vegan recipe Louise , 28, since they are also separated.
John Paul, Burgundian farmer has failed to face the handicap of the eldest son of Mary . He preferred to leave the young woman who was participating for the second time in the show still drew a blank.
That’s not all. Marianne, the farmer from the Loire Valley, also ended his story yet well underway with Yves . She blamed her lack of commitment and involvement in its operation. No more chance for Bernard, the cereal, and Michele , the shopping of the Basque Country.
Julie, however , who did not deign to get involved with her suitors of having met someone between the presentation and the first shoots, is “always with the same man,” she has known for a long time. However, it says that the case is not simple because the lucky lives a complicated separation.