“Love is in the meadow”: the sisters of Jean-Pierre call for help after his suicide

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

The sisters of Jean-Pierre launched an appeal for donations to save his farm “in great peril,” nearly a month after the suicide candidate disappointed Love is in the meadow.
Jean-Pierre’s farm is in peril. Nearly a month after the suicide of the farmer, his sisters are appealing for donations to save his farm. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign on the site Leetchi, reveals Le Parisien this lunid January 9th. His sisters also opened a Facebook account and created an association called Jean-Pierre Kerlego City, named after its operation.
“Remember Jean-Pierre, candidate of season 5 of The Love is in the meadow , her singing English into Italian as a person” can be read as a preamble on Leetchi. They remind us just how engaging their brother was, and attached to his farm now in peril. ” Jean-Pierre, this hard worker with a big heart, was working on his farm since childhood, it was his life,” have they written about Leetchi, ” He had the love of the land, animals. He loved his work passionately ” on Facebook.
Jean-Pierre Le Guelvout managed with his brother André a dairy farm in the Morbihan, in Moréac. Overwhelmed by his professional and financial difficulties, he committed suicide on 14 December. “His brutal departure puts his farm in great jeopardy … His family needs you! Your donations will help that farm survive his departure … , ” wrote her sisters. The funds raised will make it possible to recruit an employee to replace Jean-Pierre and to pay off the debts on the farm.
Thus, the farm of Jean-Pierre will survive him.